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Activities During 2011-12

S.H.G Formation and bank linkage in the colabration with NABARD:
       S.H.G are now income generation programme of the rural poor, especially women also improve their self empowerment. Poor women involve in this S.H.G group belongs to the economically backward family. There are more than 150 SHG groups in Suri, Sainthia, Dubrajpur, Muraroi-2 and also municipal areas of Birbhum district. Monthly savings of this group goes to 20 to 50 rupees per month per SHG members. This makes the saving habit through maintenance the pass book, meeting resolution book, accounts book & debit book. In the mean time they practiced the internal lending each other and also learn the bank operating system. After 6 to 8 months of their total savings they get loan amount to 4 times of there total savings. We trained themselves for their self financial dependence providing various training in this year. We support two insence stick making training and one soft toys training with the collaboration of NABARD (2010-11). Poor woman has generated their income about 1500/- rupees per month. We provide them necessary raw materials with reasonable price and also we buy their products at market price. There are four leadership and five awareness generate programme completed 2010-11 by the collaboration with NABARD at Suri Vidyasagar College with the presence of honourable Birbhum Zilla Sabhadhipati Mrs. Annapurna Mukherjee, D.D.M of NABARD, Principal of Vidyasagar College, Prof S.Sen, A.Mondal student of Rural Development section of Bisha Bharati, Advocate Sekher Mukerjee President of BIRDS, A.Ganguli, Sabyasachi Mukerjee secretary of BIRDS present there.

Issuess of the topics:
1.   Problems of various Bank linkages.
2.   Maintanence of exercise books.
3.   How to written resolution.
4.   About various training , advice about health concern,
      Formation of new groups.
5.   Legal advice and also about domestic violence.

Those are the newly formed groups below :-

NABAJANMA, PRAYASH, Rabindranath, Nazruletc. D.D.M of NABARD discussed any problem of formation new groups and how to solve it.
Birbhum Zilla Sabhadhipati Mrs Annapurna Mukharjee also discussed how to tackle their problem and to improve their income generation with their own resources. S.Sen (Prof of Economics S.V College) lectured the importance of S.H.G and also its impact on rural society. In Dubrajpur near Block office auditorium hall we conduct a leadership programme with the presence of respected B.D.O of Dubrajpur block Amit Das, Panchayet Prodhan Naru Mal, Chairman of Dubrajpur Municipality Pijus Panday, also others dignitaries and secretary of BIRDS present there and programme continue from 11am to 4pm on 11th sep to 14th sep 2010. More than 100 to 160 participants present there. There are 20 new groups formed namely – “Amtita”, “Niyoti”, “Subhash”, “Mahakali”, “Sonar Bangla”, “Alor Pradip”, “Suker Thikana”, “Jiban”, “Asha”, “Arundhati” etc. All the groups open their bank account in State Bank of India to save Rs. 30 per month. Each groups contain average 10 to 12 women members. In Sree Sree Nandesari Seva Samity, Sainthiya conduct awareness campaign plus S.H.G leadership training programme with the presence of Mr. Parekh, Chairman of Sainthiya Municipality, Mr. Prasanta Roy, Panchayet Prodhan, Mrs. Nupur Santhra counceller of Sainthiya Municipality , Avoy Ganguli, Prof of Economics Sainthiya College , Secretary of BIRDS, Dr Anupam Dhar of block Medical Officer of Sainthia, Mr Ajoy Roy Branch manager SBI Sainthiya, Mr Ashim Roy Bank Manager Paschim Banga Grameen Bank, Mr Rabi Deb Mukherjee Asst. Director Consumers Affairs and others. The meeting was held from 13th to 15 Sep 2010 at 11am to 4pm .

Topic of Discussion:

1.    Maintenance of exercise book.
2.    How to write Resolution.
3.    Importance of saving habits.
4.    Regular deposit.
5.    Health consciousness.
6.    Legal advice about domestic violence.
7.    Importance about group meetings.

new groups formed instant namely :-

“Natun Path”, “Alo”, “Disha”, “Niyati”, “Rajani Gondha”.Most of the groups are mainly women. They are responsible to save 50 Rupees per head per month to the Bank. We linkage those groups near U.B.I. Bank and Paschim Bangha Grameen Bank. In Murarai near Jajigram primary school we conduct two days leadership programme from 20th Oct to 22nd Oct 2010 in the presence of Mrs. Subamita Das Pradhan of Jajigram panchayet, Mr Akhil Roy B.D.O. of Muraroi , Sk Sala Uddin Sabhapati Panchayet Samity., BMOH of Paikor Dr Ali and Secretary of BIRDs. Average participation of peoples was nearly 70 to100. In those meeting ten newly groups formed namely “Sattya”, “Pirbaba”, “Salam”, “Golap”, “Allarakha”, “Protidondhi&l\rdquo;, “Semana Parai”, “Jibanbhor”,“Jaba”, “Unnayan of jajigram” . Those groups are responsible to save 20 Rupees per head per month. Out of ten groups two are men groups contain 10 to 14 members in each groups. We linkage those groups in U.C.O. bank Paikar, and Paschim Bangha Grameen Bank.Those groups are responsible to save 20 Rupees per head per month. Out of ten groups two are men groups contain 10 to 14 members in each groups. We linkage those groups in U.C.O. bank Paikor, and Paschim Bangha Grameen Bank .

In Rampurhat -1 we conduct the same programme near Nischintapur Primary school it was two days programme from 22nd Sep to 24th Sep of 2010 with the presence of B.D.O Rampurhat 1 block, Birbhum Zilla Sabhadhipati, Panchayet Prodhan Manaka Dhibar, BMOH Dr Suresh Ghosh, Prof of Rampurhat College, Mr Dinabondhu Sarkar. And Secretory of BIRD.

Topic of Discussion almost same with the others programmes. Five newly groups formed with in two days programme those groups are namely “Zorha”, “Asar Pradip”, “Damaunti”, “ pradip”, “Ma Jagodomba” “Nirmal Alo”,.All the groups are mainly women groups those who are responsible for 50 Rupees monthly savings. Each group contains 15 women with regular savings. We have linkaged those groups in the near by Union Bank, UBI Bank and Paschim Bangha Grameen Bank.

Extinct Species :-

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