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Activities During 2012-13

        Sanitation – Diarrhea is a regular visitor of the area and there are fatal incidents among children and old people, the occurs while rainy season the whole area 75% of our adopted villages fall pray to this hazards disease, so BIRDS organized demonstration in the leading villages as Bhawanipur of Rajnagar block, the block authority along with the health department lend their hands to organize, go numbers program in the villages, Apart from demonstrations BIRDS took assistant from block to construct low cost latrines in many of the villages with local contribution.

Water Management:
   When the rivers dry during the lean season. People suffer a lot, just for a pot of drinking water, women have to go for places due to the non perennial rivers.
   BIRDS tried to demonstrate the action in the main villages as Kendua, Karidhya, Jajigrams etc. We have tried to execute the program how to get clean drinking water and how to preserve and manage drinking water, this has help people in the dry season of the year.

Organic Farming :
   This year we had selected 20 – 25 nos. villages for demonstration for organic farming, 150 marginalized farmers to participated in this program.

Training :
   A three day training camp was organized in Hazaratpur, we have visited experts from the District Agriculture Centre of Birbhum. The experts explains the highness of the organic farming concept.
Later the participants were assigning to take up the task for themselves.

Rural water treatment :
   Usually the people use water from ponds, rivers, cannels for even drinking water and fall prey to water borne diseases. To subsidies such cases BIRDS tried to innovate a indigenous concept, to how find an alternative to drinking water other than for sanitation. We adopted this policy in several villages with the help of RHM.

Programmes related health :-

Leprosy patients camp :
        We have initiated with this programme in Oct 2011 and it runs in every month onward. It generally held at Block Primary health centre with the presents of Govt. doctors and our physiotherapist and four physicians from leprosy mission hospital Kolkata. They send vaccine to every Block primary Health centre over the Birbhum district in presence of every BMOH of that centers.
In last Leprosy patients camp held on December with 30 to 35 patients at B.P.H.C.

Blood Donation camp :
        We arrange every months Blood donation camp. We conduct this programme in the small villages and schools, colleges in presence BDOs and Municipal Chairman, Panchayat Samiti’s Sabapati 50 to persons donate their blood per camp. It is great success.

Others health care programmes :
        Under the programme of the Govt. of W.B we currently engage in training of various people in the panchyat lebel for rendering basic health care to the patients. We conducted 15 programme in different blocks in the district of Birbhum. Under DOT programme we use to provide different types of service like supply of medicines, blood test and awareness programmes for T.B. patients. More than 40 T.B. patients under treatment presently.

World water day :
        The main trust of the programme is prevent water pollution and water preservation and conservation of water nearly 100 woman from the SHG groups, NCC cadets also general people participate in awareness rally in the town. Secretary of BIRDS S. Mukherjee and other Dignitaries delivered lecture n this programme.

Vocational training Programmes :

       Such type of programmes we conduct all over the year. This year we have trained up nearly 80 to 100 women belonging to the poor section of the society, financially backward. Those who formed SHG groups made soft toys training, preparation of dolls through different kinds of articles of the houses, insence stick making training, preparation of leather bags etc. preparation of Vermi Compost, Bio fertilizer, Liquid Manure for the peasents only.

       Under K.S.Y. nearly 100 adulation girls were trained up in the presence of CDPO Dinabondhu Saha, secretary of BIRDS and members also present there. Here also discussed about how to improve their life, how they get Govt. schemes facilities.

       In last month of the year we conducted Beauticians training course of poor woman of the society belonging to the age groups 18 to 35. Nearly 50 woman participate in this programme. In the training period we provided Tiffin and Rs. 30/- Most of the participants are minority community. s/Ts and S/Cs. After the complete of there training we provide themselves certificate of efficiaency in the presence of Secretary of BIRDS, CDPO, and others.

       • Legal Aids: we serve legal aids to those deprive woman from the society and also from the family. There are 50 to 100 women are helped by our organization in presence of Judicial magistrate and also sub judge .
       • Environment pollution free .
       • We arrange afforest ration programme in every year of june – july month we provide seeds, fertilizer, plants of different fruits. Students are participate in this programme in presence of Zilla Sabhadipati, Dist. Forest officer, Secretary of BIRDS and others personalities .
They gave lecture on importance of forest, how environment polluted and also conducted LCD presentation in Politechnique College. Birbhum Engineering college, Birbhum Mahavidyala in the present of Principal and director. We have supply free seeds and plants to farmers and school, college premises of their headmaster and principal.

S. H. G Formation and bank linkage in the colabration with NABARD :-

       S.H.G. are now income generation programme of the rural poor, especially woman also improve their self empowerment. Poor women involve in this S.H.G. group belong to the economically backward family. There are more than 200 S.H.G. in the blocks of Suri, Sathia, Dubrajpur, Muraroi 2, Khorasol & Rajnagar blocks. Monthly saving of this group goes to Rs. 20 – 50 per month per S.H.G. members. BIRDS organized themselves for their self financial dependence providing various training in the year round. BIRDS support to making vocational training like handicrafts, incencestick, soft toys, bags (jute), jam, jelly and others for their income generation with the collaboration of NABARD in 2011 – 12.


       1. S.H.G. formation to the backward rural area to empower women in financially and socially .
       2. Conduct leprosy programmes over the year supply more medicines for their treatment .
       3. Water treatment management .
       4. Technical & non Technical Institution .
       5. Renewable energy development to the village and small city .
       6. Up gradation for new organic farming .
       7. Herbal promotion .
       8. Community Health Programmes .
       9. Tribal development through their income generation and maintain their cultural heritage .
       10. Environment protection and pollution free society for new generation .
       11. Shelter home for deprived women and child .
       12. For disable person helps to maintain their lifestyle smoothly .
       13. Skill development training programme .
       14. Consumer awareness to the general people and also school and colleges .